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New English Dramatists
Three Plays
Introduced and Edited by
E. Martin Browne

includes "Each His Own Wilderness"

Year First Published: 1959
Published by: Penguin
Category: Drama
This Edition: British first edition
paperback original

From the book cover:

These three significant plays have all had tremendous success with London critics

Also Includes:

  • The Hamlet of Stepney Green by Barnard Kops
  • Chicken Soup with Barley by Arnold Wesker.


First presented by The English State Society, at The Royal Court Theatre, London, on 23 March 1958, with the following cast:

Tony BoltonColin Jeavons
Myra BoltonValerie Taylor
Sandy BolesPhilip Bond
Mike FerrisVernon Smythe
Philip DurrantEwen MacDuff
RosemarySarah Preston
Milly BolesPatricia Burke

Directed by John Dexter


The hall of Myra Bolton's house in London


Myra Bolton a middle-aged woman.
Tony Bolton her son, aged 22.
Milly Boles a middle-aged woman, Myra's friend.
Sandy Boles Milly's son, aged 22.
Mike Ferris an elderly Left Wing politician.
Philip Durrant a middle-aged architect.
Rosemary a young girl engaged to Philip.