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London Observed
Stories and Sketches

Year First Published: 1992
First Published by:HarperCollins
Category:Short Stories
This Edition:British first edition

From the book jacket:

'During that first year in England, I had a vision of London I cannot recall now ... it was a nightmare city that I lived in for a year. Then, one evening, walking across the park, the light welded buildings, trees and scarlet buses into something familiar and beautiful, and I knew myself to be at home.'

Doris Lessing wrote these words in 1957, and since then she has continued to observe both London and its inhabitants with the shrewd, compassionate eye of an artist. London Observed: Stores and Sketches contains eighteen perfect pen-portraits of Londers and their city, seen from a cafe table, a hospital bed, the back seat of a taxi, a casualty department... together making up one of the finest collections of short writing to appear in a decade.

Included in this Edition:
    Debbie and Julie
    The Mother of the Child in Question
    Pleasure of the Park
    Womb Ward
    In Defence of the Underground
    The New Cafe
    Romance 1988
    What Price the Truth?
    Among the Roses
    The Pit
    Two Old Women and a Young One
    The Real Thing

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