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D   o   r   i   s       L   e   s   s   i   n   g

Prisons We Choose to Live Inside
The 1985 Massey Lectures

Year Published: 1986
Published by: CBC RadioWorks
This Edition: 5 cassettes

From the cover:

"Prize-winning author Doris Lessing addresses the question of personal freedom and individual responsibility in a world increasingly under the sway of group identities and emotions and believe structures that tolerate no question or dissent. In a forthright attack on inhumanity, Lessing calls for individuals to rise above societal constraint in order to build a better world."


    When in the Future They Look Back on Us
    You are Damned, We Are Saved
    Switching Off to See "Dallas"
    Group Minds
    Laboratories of Social Change

Audio excerpts:

  • Part 1: "I think when people look back at this time..."

  • Part 2: "Everyone knows that at such times..."

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