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The Wind Blows Away Our Words
A Firsthand Account of the Afghan Resistance

Year First Published: 1987
First Published by:Vintage
This Edition:American first edition, softcover original

From the book cover:

In the face of sophisticated weapons of destruction and more than 100,000 Russian troops, the warriors of the Afghan Resistance - the muhjahidin - continue their fight for freedom, although there are Western journalists who seem anxious to claim that the war is over. Some of the most extraordinary battles of our time have been fought between armies of tanks and gunships on one side, and ragged men, women and children armed with homemade grenades, catapults, and ancient rifles on the other.

Doris Lessing, one of the most distinguished writers of our time, has been involved with the Afghan Resistance for several years. In September of 1986 she flew to Pakistan to see for herself the condition of the refugees and to talk to the leaders of the muhjahidin. She had been told, "Don't bother to expect anything because it won't happen." But it did. She met and interviewed muhjahidin commanders and political-party leaders. She saw the awful plight of the refugees, who now number in the millions. They told her what it was really like: how they suffered, how they suffer now. THE WIND BLOWS AWAY OUR WORDS is her impassioned attempt to tell that story to the world.

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