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D   o   r   i   s       L   e   s   s   i   n   g

INPOPA Anthology 2002:
Poems by Doris Lessing,
Robert Twigger
and TH Benson
Edited by MP Gould

Year First Published: 2002
Published by: Institute of Poetic Patience
Carzdotti Dot Ltd
Category: Poetry
This Edition: British first edition

'I like original ways of getting work out to the public. I was simply intrigued by the whole idea and couldn't resist.'

- Doris Lessing


Doris Lessing (the hearts and club suits):

The Wolf People Verses suggested by recent scientific speculation on the possible behaviour of our very distant ancestors

  • In the Long Dark
  • The Misfit
  • As If They Had Always Known It
  • Cave Wolves
  • Something Speaks
  • The Sky-fire
  • The Ice Comes

Robert Twigger (the diamonds):

  • Standford Church
  • The Dive
  • All Things
  • Always Watson, Never Holmes
  • The Water of Life

TH Benson (the spades):

  • Below Tirich Mir
  • Inner Active
  • Moving On
  • Unspoken Distances
  • Pilot's Steak and Salad Flaskback Kitchen Dance
  • Ice Princess
  • Is a Djinn a Cat?
  • Beachy Head
  • Young Belly Dancer's Lament
  • At last, Ism!
  • Cameo
  • After the Picnic