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Winter in July

Year First Published: 1966
First Published by:Panther
Category:Short Stories
This Edition:Grafton
British paperback reprint Reprinted 1986

From the book cover:

Forthright, incisive, controversial, Winter in July shows one of our most brilliant writers grappling with the most bitterly explosive issue of our age - Africa. Written with all the angry compassion of first-hand knowledge, these stores reveal Africa in the raw - an Africa unknown to the vast majority of Europeans. Here is a vivid, strong, unforgettable evocation of its sounds and smells, its stark power and savage grandeur, its agony and ultimate tragedy.
    First published in Great Britain by Michael Joseph Ltd as part of the collection African Stories 1964. This edition was published simultaneously with its companion volume The Black Madonna.
Included in this Edition:
The Second Hut
The Nuisance
The De Wets Come to Kloof Grange
Little Tembi
Old John's Place
'Leopard' George
Winter in July