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A Man and Two Women

Year First Published: 1963
First Published by:MacGibbon & Kee
Category:Short Stories
This Edition:British first edition

From the book jacket:

As in the earlier collection, the stories in this volume are varied in subject and treatment. Taken together, they confirm the easy power of Mrs Lessing's recent work. She is humane without being portentous; subtle but always to the point. The two volumes embody some of the most notable writing of the mid-century.
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Included in this Edition:

One Off the Short List
The Story of Two Dogs
The Sun between Their Feet
A Woman on a Roof
How I Finally Lost My Heart
A Man and Two Women
A Room
England versus England
Two Potters
Between Men
A Letter from Home
Our Friend Judith
Each Other
Homage for Isaac Babel
Outside the Ministry
Notes for A Case HIstory
The New Man
To Room Nineteen