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D   o   r   i   s       L   e   s   s   i   n   g

A Man and Two Women
and Other Stories

Year First Published: 1963
First Published by:Simon and Schuster
Category:Short Stories
This Edition:American first edition

From the book jacket:

Doris Lessing is one of the most important English writers of our day. Along with Americas Mary McCarthy and Frances Simone de Beauvoir, she is one of that extraordinary company of women whose strong insights into the nature of intellectual life today command international interest and admiration.

Two years ago her novel The Golden Notebook was published to a burst of acclaim from American and English critics (some of their comments are quoted on the back of this jacket).

The Golden Notebook moved and astonished readers by its outpouring of image and feeling, by its courage, but its honesty. In A Man and Two Women, the same powerful artistry deepens the story form - giving it unexpected emotional force.

The stories are set in England and Africa. There is a variety of background and mood, but certain themes suggest themselves again and again: the bedrock realities of marriage, the dilemmas of the individual in a fluid society, the fate of woman.

Doris Lessing has given us a brilliant and important book.

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Included in this Edition:

One Off the Short List
The Story of Two Dogs
The Sun between Their Feet
A Woman on a Roof
How I Finally Lost My Heart
A Man and Two Women
A Room
England versus England
Two Potters
Between Men
A Letter from Home
Our Friend Judith
Each Other
Homage for Isaac Babel
Outside the Ministry
Notes for A Case HIstory
The New Man
To Room Nineteen