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Killing Heat
Based on the novel THE GRASS IS SINGING by Doris Lessing

Year First Published: 1982
Published by: Impala Productions Ltd.
Category: Drama
This Edition: Santori Entertainment Corporation
1984 VHS video from Key Video
a Division of CBS/Fox Video

Presented by
Chibote Limited
The Swedish Film Institute

Music by
Bjorn Isfalt and Lasse Dahlberg
African Music by Themba Tana

1984 - Color - 104 Minutes
Recorded in Hi-Fi

From the box:

Doris Lessing's novel "The Grass is Singing" comes to the screen in the intensely dramatic and provocative motion picture KILLING HEAT. Written and directed by Michael Raeburn, KILLING HEAT is the story of a desperately independent city-bred woman (Karen Black) who gives up the comforts of the cosmopolitan life she's accustomed to for the sake of her man and eventual husband (John Thaw). Joining her husband in the country where he is trying to make his way, she makes a young bride's attempt to make the best of things, but is unprepared to deal with the reality of country living. Gradually, farm life begins to unnerve her, and in a gripping series of events, she loses her self-control and becomes sexually involved with another man. KILLING HEAT has an outstanding cast that makes this deeply personal story a rich and compelling experience.

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The sensationalist description is incorrect: as in the book, she does not become sexually involved with another man. The film is a surprisingly accurate portrayal of the book, although abridged. It was filmed entirely in Zambia. There is no indication that Mrs. Lessing was involved in the making of this film.
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