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Particularly Cats and More Cats
Paintings by Anne Robinson

Year First Published: 1989
First Published by:Michael Joseph
Category:Short Stories
This Edition:British first edition

From the book jacket:

Grey Puss, Black Cat, Rufus, Charles and General Butchkin are among the feline characters Doris Lessing has lived with. With her intensely visual imagination and cool, precise eye, Doris Lessing comes nearer than any writer to understanding the elusive nature of cats, whether they are the half-wild beasts on an African farm or the domesticated creatures who share her life in London.

Grey Cat is a spoilt beauty, a show-off, selfish and vain. Black Cat is down-to-earth, modest with a highly developed maternal instinct. In the new stories in this illustrated edition, Rufus is a stray tomcat the colour of fire and with the character of a survivor. General Butchkin is a grave, intelligent actor of a cat. Their life together is as complciated and emotional in its behaviour as that of human beings.

Illustrated with Anne Robinson's superb paintings, this book is a brilliant evocation of feline existence and the ultimate gift book for cat lovers and Lessing admirers everywhere.

Note: The stories in this edition are the same as "Particularly Cats... and Rufus."

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