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D   o   r   i   s       L   e   s   s   i   n   g

Particularly Cats
and Rufus the Survivor

Year First Published: 1993
First Published by:Flamingo
This Edition:British first revised edition
Softcover original
Published March 1993

From the book jacket:

"Particularly Cats, Doris Lessing's classic evocation of feline existence - and existence with felines - returns to print in an expanded edition newly and delightfully illustrated by James McMullan.

In a series of captivating, interconnected vignettes, we meet the cats that have slinked and bullied and charmed their way into Doris Lessing's life: the farm and feral cats of her South African childhood, the London house cats, the city strays (such as Rufus, the new addition to this gallery), the prowling toms, and the "kittens, kittens, showers of kittens." She tells their stories - their exploits, rivalries, terrors and affections, ancient gestures and learned behaviors - with visit simplicity. And she tells, as well, the story of herself in relation to cats: the way the animals affect her and she them, and the communication that grows possible between them, a language of gesture and mood and desire as eloquent, finally, as the spoken word.

The voice is distinctly Lessing - pragmatic and loving, generous and amused - and the eye is distinctly McMullan - graceful and witty, endearing and acute. For a whole new generation of ailurophiles, here is a book to treasure, a wonderfully entertaining, humorous, and often surprisingly moving look into the world of cats."

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